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Customs and Tax Control Office in Bialystok informs that vehicles carrying goods subject to plant and seed protection, veterinary and sanitary inspections may enter the below mentioned road border crossings (BCP) at the earliest 2 hours before the start of work by the relevant inspections and at the latest 2 hours before the end of work by these inspections.

In Road Customs Branch in Kuźnica:

PIORIN - State Inspection for Plant and Seed Protection

GIW - General Veterinary Inspectorate

SANEPID - General Sanitary Inspectorate

In Customs Branch in Bobrowniki:

PIORIN - State Inspection for Plant and Seed Protection

SANEPID – General Sanitary Inspectorate

Due to the fact that road border crossing points are located on the traffic routes of national roads No 19 and No 65, it will not be acceptable to wait  in the area of  a road border crossing point for these inspections to begin the service outside the hours indicated in this notice.