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As a result of the considerable interest in information about waiting times at the border, the Customs Chamber in Bialystok developed a way of transmitting data. There was created the Web Service that provides data on waiting times at the border of the Republic of Poland. It is a tool that will retrieve data automatically by the entity server, without user intervention. It can be used to calculate the optimal route of the journey, for the analysis of traffic at border crossings and to choose the best route. Service is free.

Please also note that the method was developed additional provision of data on waiting times at the border. For this purpose there was created service (Web Service) extends the data on waiting times at the border of Poland. Available data on imports and exports of cars, trucks and buses. Using this method is also free.

The description file can be found at


An example of how you can use the service made available by Customs Chamber in Bialystok:


An example of how you can use the service

  1. The driver connects with the navigation system via GPRS to the entity server
  2. The entity server sends a request to the server of the Customs Chamber in Bialystok, which provides the service with data on waiting times
  3. The service shall transfer the requested information to the entity server
  4. The entity server, using the appropriate application, analyses the collected data and determines the route
  5. The driver receives information about the optimal route
  6. The driver goes through the selected border crossing, for example:
    • Kuźnica
    • Bobrowniki
    • Terespol


To use the service it is necessary to create application on your own server, based on WSDL* file describing the service. The description file can be found at



Data provided by the service is identical with the data on waiting times published on the website The service allows you to obtain current information on waiting times of both, cars and trucks in export direction. Estimated waiting time at border crossings is updated 8 times daily at each border crossing (the list of branches that collect data on waiting times in the annex).


The service lets you download data from the last week, which may help in the analysis of traffic at border crossings.


Request from the entity application to the Customs Chamber in Bialystok server must include the name of the border crossing (enter the name without Polish characters according to the spelling given in the appendix), the date and time. Note: entering in the request hours from 0 to 23 will result in receiving data on waiting times, respectively:

  • from 1 to 3(inclusive) - from the middle of a night shift,
  • from 3 to 5(inclusive) - state from 3/4 night shift,
  • from 5 to 9(inclusive) - the hours of the morning (at the end of a night shift),
  • from 9 to 13(inclusive) - state from 1/4 day shift,
  • from 13 to 15(inclusive) - with half of the day shift,
  • from 15 to 18(inclusive) - state from 3/4 day shift,
  • from 18 to 22(inclusive) - the evening hours (as of end of day shift),
  • from 22 to 1(inclusive) - state from 1/4 night shift
Empty fields in the response may indicate a lack of cargo or passenger traffic on the particular border crossing or invalid date in the query.



If you have questions or concerns please contact us:

Agnieszka Lebiedzińska 85 74 58 771

Jan Suchowierski 85 74 58 762


We also appreciate all comments and suggestions on the new service to address:


* WSDL (Web Services Description Language) developed by Microsoft and IBM, XML-based language for defining web services.



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